So it turns out that Lorde actually has citzenship with another country!

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 12:59PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

She's one of New Zealand's most valuable exports, but we can't claim Kiwi pop star Lorde as just our own anymore. 

Lorde has revealed that she actually has dual-citizenship with another country, that being Croatia, on a podcast with US comedian Marc Maron.

She said her mum Sonja is Croatian and her father Vic O'Connor is New Zealand-born with Irish heritage.

"So yeah, I'm Croatian, I got Croatian citizenship," she said.

When asked if she got citizenship through her mum's Croatian heritage, Lorde replied: "I got that from I think like being a bit of a fancy, famous Croatian. I think they hooked me up, so to speak."


During her podcast chat, the pop star also admitted that her homeland has a housing crisis, which she may have contributed to by purchasing her own home in early 2016.

She paid nearly $3 million for a villa on a quiet street on the border of Herne Bay, Ponsonby and Grey Lynn.

Lorde also said that her American friends "rip the s*** out of me for my accent all the time", including Jack Antonoff, with whom she worked on her latest album Melodrama.