Simon Cowell's Smoking Is Costing Him Thousands On "X Factor" Set

Publish Date
Monday, 30 November 2015, 9:09AM

Simon Cowell's love of cigarettes appear to be costing the X Factor boss a staggering amount of money, thanks to strict rules that dictate anyone smoking in the building will be fined 100 pounds.

Due to the judge's tight time schedule during filming, and his love of tobacco, Simon has been forced to light-up in the studio during the ad breaks.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Simon has had to pay a fine of £100 so he could enjoy a smoke, and relax, during the stressful and hectic filming process for The X Factor.

One insider revealed the apparent true cost of Simon's vice, saying: 'Over the course of a series we're talking about literally thousands of pounds.'

That's mental!