Sam Smith has revealed his heartbreaking obsession

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Thursday, 4 January 2018, 10:34AM
Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

It's no secret that everyone loves Sam Smith... 

His beautiful voice, amazing personality and not to mention his fit figure, it's crazy to think that he's admitted he got "a bit obsessive" with his weight! 

The 'Too Good At Goodbyes' singer slimmed down a couple of years ago and whilst he is now happier with his figure, he says his body image will "always be an issue".

He explained: "When I was shooting my first music videos, I just wasn’t happy with the way I looked, so I was trying to control the way the camera moved. I got a bit obsessive. I was constantly looking in the mirror, pinching my waist, weighing myself every day. 

"Now, I’ve gotten to a place where I really love my stretch marks and I just enjoy my body. My job is very self-indulgent: I have to listen to my voice daily, I make decisions on what tour posters or album covers look like, I look at my face while sitting in the makeup chair. 

"I get kind of sick of myself, so I trust my team. But my body image is always going to be an issue. I need to constantly train myself to watch the right sort of films, to not look at certain ads and think that’s how my stomach should look. It’s something that I’m getting every day. I think men should talk about it more." 


Sam's new album 'The Thrill Of It All' documents his road to "self-love", a startling difference from his first album, which was all about his unrequited love for a man. 

He added to the new issue of V magazine: "A lot of this album for me is about self-love. When I was writing it, I had a really bad relationship with myself. I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror, and now I really kind of like myself. 

"I enjoy my own company and I feel like I deserve to be loved back. It makes it easier to promote the album. It’s like showing people an old photo album: Sometimes you’re cringing at the bad outfits you’ve worn in the past, but you’re still looking back with love and respect." 

Aww Sam we're so happy to hear you finally love yourself just as much as we do!

-Bang! Showbiz