Ryan Gosling's revealed a really strange regret he has

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 2:52PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

If you were Ryan Gosling, you wouldn't imagine having any regrets. 

Like, you wouldn't regret being so sexy that most of the female population are in love with you, right?!

But Ryan does have at least one regret, and it's a weird one: he regrets giving up on ballet. 

As it turns out, the 36-year-old actor took the classical dance lessons when he was younger and gave up because he thought it was “too girly”, but now wishes he’d continued with his training because of the “benefit” the exercise could have had on his life.

In an interview with The Red Bulletin he said: “I had been training [in ballet], but never got to the point where I was comfortable with it. It was a struggle for me. I had an option to do ballet when I was a kid, but thought it was too girly. So I didn’t spend the time on it that I should have. But I really wish that I had, because it can bring such a benefit to your life.”

But it doesn't seem that Ryan's gone cold turkey on ballet, as back in 2011 he said during an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ that he still takes the occasional adult class.

The actor said at the time: “I take like a class, like a public class. I’m terrible. Everyone is good except for me … I’m so bad at it and unflexible that they have to bring out a special barre when we do the barre work part of the class.”

Ryan, if you want to take ballet then you go for it and don't worry, it wouldn't stop us lusting over ya one bit!