PICS: Justin Bieber Celebrates His 21st Birthday

Justin Bieber is reportedly partying up on Calivigny Island, a private island resort in the Caribbean.

Yovanna Ventura, Hailey Baldwin, Alfredo Flores, Ryan Butler and Lil Za are just some a few the names to help Bieber welcome in his newfound legal drinking status.

Bieber has been posting pics to his Shots account, where fans can get an intimate look at all of the partying going on.

In addition to a 10-suite villa on the water, Calivigny also offers guests its own sailing yacht, which can be rented for about an extra $224,000. The weekly package excluding the yacht costs around $431,000. That's quite a 21st birthday party! The island can only accommodate 26 people so looks like it's quite the intimate affair!

Are Bieber and Ventura an item. They've had a few pics together lately...guess time will tell...