Miley Cyrus gets frank about the negatives of being Hannah Montana

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Saturday, 9 September 2017, 4:13PM
Photo: Instagram/mileycyrus

Photo: Instagram/mileycyrus

Hannah Montana made Miley Cyrus a household name, but Miley's experience on the Disney show wasn't all rainbows and happiness. 

For four seasons, Miley played Hannah Montana—a normal girl by day, a singer by night—until the hit Disney Channel series came to an end in 2011.

When the show premiered, Miley felt like her dreams had come true. It wasn't until later, however, that she realised the pitfalls of being famous at such a young age. 

"I did not grow up spoiled in any way. I just wanted to be on TV. I mean, at one point—they'll probably kill me for saying it—I was probably the least paid person on my cast because I didn't know any better," the Miley told Elle Magazine. "I was just like, 'I can be on Disney! Yeah, I want to do it!'

"My name was Miley on my show, but I didn't own my name—we didn't think about that. Like, 'Yeah, you can use my name on your show, sure!' My mom started understanding how many people take advantage of a child, so she hired smart people to protect me in that way. I'm happy that when I was younger, people protected me and put me in a position where I can now control my music."

Being famous during her teenage years meant the world watched and judged her as she figured out who she wanted to become.

"When I look at my little sister, who's 16, I don't judge her for anything she does because I remember where I was at that time. I was such an emotional person—I'm still such an emotional person—but I was trying to find out who I was," she says in hindsight. "You go through these stages, especially in our industry.

"Paparazzi always made me really uncomfortable. You're growing up and you look weird sometimes. My zits were all crazy; I've gone through some hair trauma," Miley said. "That's how I started sticking out my tongue in pictures. Because I hate everyone being so serious."