MAFS: Is this the real reason behind Bel and Haydn’s honeymoon fight?

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 2:36PM

In case you aren't in the know, Fletch Vaughan and Megan's producer, Caitlin, has had a bit of history with Haydn from Married At First Sight NZ

So things were bound to get a bit awkward when FVM forced Caitlin to interview him live on air... 

Luckily she managed to pull herself together to find out some goss about what really went down between Haydn and his MAFS wife, Bel. 

Last week we saw Haydn walk out on his honeymoon with Bel after a fight.

They didn't reveal what the fight was over until last night's episode when it was hinted that it could have been due to Haydn messaging one of Bel’s friends on Facebook.

This morning, he explained the full story to Producer Caitlin.

“Why did you add her bridesmaid as ‘a friend’ after the wedding? What was that about?” asked producer Caitlin, who it turns out has previously dated Haydn.

“I didn’t add her, she added me. Her bridesmaid Sophie added me” he answered sheepishly.

“You messaged her though right?” Caitlin persisted.

“Yeah I said ‘hey, thank you for the speech it was great. Bel really enjoyed having your support’ and she was like ‘yeah no worries.’ Then Bel was like, ‘why are you messaging my friends?’ So we had a bit of a disagreement. But I mean everyone was tired at this point.”

Bel has since taken to Facebook to dispute the idea that they argued over her bridesmaids, stating "The ‘fight‘ that happened in Adelaide had nothing to do with my bridesmaid Sophie."

Who knows who/what to believe!?

You can find out what else Caitlin managed to extract from Haydn in the video above!