Love Island's Grant Crapp is back with his ex-girlfriend

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Monday, 6 August 2018, 1:43PM
Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram


Yip, the infamous Grant who's caused a whole lot of crapp with ladies on and off Love Island has managed to cause even more drama.

So to give you all a quick run-down, the stitch has been that Grant went on the show whilst still being in a relationship, which he ended up admitting to Tayla after the show, but also telling her they weren't serious and they're just friends. 

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Tayla then did some online investigating, discovering that Grant and his ex, Lucy, were serious, as they had been together a year and were living together. 

So Tayla, not trusting Grant, ended things. 

This led Grant to post a video on Instagram begging for her back. 

But now, two weeks later, he's moved on from Tayla, back to his ex-girlfriend Lucy.

The couple posed for affectionate photos for NW magazine, with both of them claiming they were just friends before the show. 

"Me and Grant knew each other for a long time before Love Island," Lucy told NW.

"We were really good friends and had a really close friendship. But it was never anything serious."

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"But I don't think it was until he was on there (Love Island) and I was watching it that I sort of went, 'Oh, I did have feelings that were more than just a friendship'," she adds.

Grant also defend himself, saying "I told Tayla the truth about a thousand times! She didn't listen to anything I'd say, she'd just say, "You're lying, you're lying, you're lying." I don't know... When I think about it, with Tayla, I'm not sure if she really had genuine feelings towards me towards the end..."

And now we're just over here shaking our head...