Kendall Jenner's Revealed Her Easy Acne Fighting Secret

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 12:32PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is one natural beauty, so when she gives out her beauty tips and tricks, we listen.

It turns out that Kendall didn't always have flawless skin, as she suffered from pretty bad acne when she was younger.

But the model has graciously let us in on how she's gotten to have the smooth and supple skin she has now.

The best part? It's cheap as chips!

Kendall took to her app with a 'KENDIY' segment that showed the face mask she uses religiously.

“This mask is SO easy to make with kitchen ingredients you already have!” she wrote.

"Take 1 egg white and whisk in a bowl until it becomes frothy. Add juice from one half of a lemon. Mix. Egg whites shrink pores while lemons balance ph levels.

Apply mixture evenly to face and wait 30 minutes. Rinse. That is it! So easy, fast and fun to do with friends!"

Now just one question, will using this mask turn us into a supermodel like Kenny...?