Katy Perry has finally named 'the one that got away'

Publish Date
Monday, 19 June 2017, 10:55AM

Katy Perry released her FIFTH studio album Witness last week and it's already at the top of the Billboard 200 chart!

To promote the album, Perry let the world into her life for 96 hours, streaming every second of her day (including sleeping). She participated in a number of fun activities, hung out with other celebrities and special guests and even performed songs from the new record in studio.

One celeb to pay a visit was James Corden. Together they played a game of Truth or Dare – a game in which opponents either answer an uncomfortable question or eat some disgusting dish, like pickled pig’s foot.

During one of her 'Truth' rounds, Perry revealed the answer to a question we've (probably) all been wondering. Who is “The One That Got Away”?!

Turns out she wrote the Teenage Dream hit about rumoured past fling Josh Groban, the guy with the angelic voice who sings "You Raise Me Up".

“People are like, who’s the one who got away? That’s Groban,” she revealed. “He’s one of my good friends. I love him so much. He’s the best.”