Hollywood A-lister spotted shopping at Kmart

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Thursday, 10 May 2018, 7:48AM

There's no disputing that Kmart is a wonderful place to find killer bargains.

But even the rich and famous seem to have a soft spot for the bargain store it seems, as a Hollywood star has been spotted having a shop!

Shopper Krystla McIntosh and her daughter Taylah were shopping the Ballina, Australia store when they came across movie star Matt Damon in the aisles.

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Clearly, Matt Damon is also in the know about Kmart's cheap but stylish home decors. 

Naturally they did what anyone would do — asked for a selfie.

And the movie star happily obliged, posing for a picture with 10-year-old Taylah while holding a couple of stuffed toys in his hand.

The Daily Mail reports that Ms McIntosh spotted Damon in the carpark before seeing him in the store and that it was Damon's wife, Luciana Barroso, who heard Taylah's request and got him to pose with her.

This story has got us excited, as Daniel Radcliffe is currently in New Zealand filming, so will he also be lured by good bargains to a Kmart store?!

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