Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan undergoes major make-under to be more 'classy'

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 11:31AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Known for being "fit, flirty, and with double Fs", Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan admitted her outfits made her look “more porn star than classy lady” as she agreed to undergoing a TV make-under, on Celebrity 100% Hotter.

While speaking about her current dressing regime, 24-yr-old Hagan revealed she spends three hours getting ready before going out.



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“I want to look glam but everything I put on accentuates the boobs and you look a lot more porn star than classy lady.”

“I can’t wear dresses because I have cellulite on my legs.”

Prior to her TV make under, Holly was forced to face some rather harsh comments from the public, including one man who said her "overbearing chest makes it look like she is just out for a good night," but Hagan was all for letting go of her 'trashy' image.

When speaking about her make-up, the star also admitted: “I either look crap or a bit drag queen.”

So top stylists Karen Williams, Daniel K Palmer and Melissa Sophia took Hagan under their wing and got rid of her hair extensions, much to Holly's initial discomfort: She said: “Obviously this is real hair but not my real hair. It’s my comfort blanket and if this gets taken away from me, I don’t even know what’s under it.”

But Holly ended up warming to her new look which consists of shorter hair, skinny jeans, an asymmetrical blouse and flat black boots!

"I really love it. The hair, the makeup, the outfit...I could 100% teach children in a school now."

Check her out, she's almost unrecognisable!

The Geordie Shore star got a nine for her makeover