Ed Sheeran said the 'worst moment' of last year was being in Queenstown

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Thursday, 19 January 2017, 1:52PM

Ed Sheeran sat down with Zane Lowe recently to talk a little about everything! He discussed his career, his home, writing his music, his relationship, kids and more! 

He even forgot how to use his signature loop pedal! "I didn't touch a loop pedal until about three weeks ago", he said, "and I DID NOT know what to do!"

"But then they had the Wembley DVD. So I just re-watched the Wembley DVD and then muscle memory..."

He was then asked what the most memorable moments of the last twelve months were to which he replied: "Uhhh I mean the worst moment was being in Queenstown and being like 'do you know what? I'm going to do the Canyon Swing. That sounds like something I'd enjoy'."

"I thought that would cure my [fear of] heights...and I was like 'when in Rome' 'cause if you're in Queenstown and you don't do something extreme like what's the point in going ...unless you have a Ferg Burger which are pretty awesome", Ed added pointing to the camera as he praised a Queenstown favourite!

Even though Ed said the Canyon Swing in Queenstown was not fun for him, he ended with "That was like the low point even though New Zealand was one of the high points."

Watch from 21 minutes in the video to see Ed talk about Queenstown.

Awww glad you still love our country, Ed!!!!!

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