Ed Sheeran Reveals who the 'Galway Girl' is and it's not his girlfriend

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Friday, 10 March 2017, 4:31PM

Ed Sheeran's Divide is smashing the charts at the moment and Galway Girl is a favourite of many. The irish nature of the song is as charming as you'd think, and it's got fans wondering exactly who the Galway Girl is. 

Well now you can find out! The Galway Girl is none other than Niamh Dunne! Who? Yeah okay we didn't know either. 

There's Niamh

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 Niamh Dunne is a fiddle player for the band Beoga, an Irish folk music group. In a radio interview, Dunne explained, "So we were over in Suffolk last year recording with him so that was kind of when the song came together and I suppose I was in front of him so he just wrote a song about what was in front of him so that was how it came about."

Ed even confirmed the collab, tweeting this when the song hit number 1 in the Ireland charts. 

This isnt news to fans of Beoga however, as they confirmed rumours back in January.

Many speculated that Ed had a thing for Dunne, but the rumours were quickly denied. Dunne explains "everyone loves a good story but I’m afraid there isn’t much to tell."