Don't freak out: Clueless is getting a remake!!!

Publish Date
Friday, 26 October 2018, 12:40PM

Our girl Cher is coming back....“Clueless” is getting a remake!

It's been awhile since our fave chick has uttered the famous words on our screens.

But now, according to Variety, Paramount Pictures is developing a remake of its 1995 comedy! 

“Girls Trip” writer Tracy Oliver is reportedly producing the film, and Marquita Robinson, a story editor and writer on the Netflix comedy series “GLOW,” has been hired to write the script- so its bound to be pretty epic!

We all know the story of Cher, growing up in Hollywood and living the life of our dreams, and now we can't wait to see her to teach us all the important lessons about getting a boy's attention and how to drive, all over again!

Something you might not already know: The famous quote “as if!” — short for “as if that were true” — came from Heckerling’s study of how that era’s teenagers talked.

The totally cute film has also inspired “Clueless, the Musical,” starring Dove Cameron, which will debut next month in New York. 


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