Demi Lovato looks glowing in first post to Instagram since leaving rehab

Publish Date
Wednesday, 7 November 2018, 11:13AM

Demi Lovato is back on Instagram following her hospitalization from a reported overdose and 3-month stay in rehab.

The pop-star is back on Instagram and has used her first post for good; encouraging fans to join her in voting on election day!

In the post, she's pictured in a Balenciaga denim jacket, looking healthy and happy at the polling booth for the U.S. mid-term elections. (Posting a photo in polling booth is actually illegal in some states across America).

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With her first post since July this year, Demi joins a long list of celebrities including Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Travis Scott in pushing fans to use their right to vote to make a change in their country!

We're so glad to see Demi looking healthy and happy, and can't wait to follow her journey!