Daniel Radcliffe spotted filming in central Auckland!

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018, 10:06AM

Daniel Radcliffe is filming in central Auckland for his new movie Guns Akimbo, reports NZ Herald.

Cross St is operating under a stop and go system, allowing passersby to glimpse the Harry Potter star.

An on-site spokesperson said filming had been going smoothly and those who helped had been incredibly supportive.

Photo / Doug Sherring

"The support of Screen Auckland and Auckland Transport to allow us to shoot across the central city has been incredible," he said.

The filming team had closed Customs St at the start of the four-week stint in New Zealand. Another four weeks of filming will be done in Munich.

Today, the film crew was tightly huddled around a silver car filming Radcliffe, who was wearing a blue plaid robe.

A man who appeared to be a stunt double stood close to the action.

Passerby Chloe Park stopped to watch the scene unfold and said it was nice to see something exciting happening in New Zealand.

"It's fun to see someone big."

She said it was the second time she had caught Radcliffe filming as she had also stumbed upon the action on Queen St yesterday.

"It was a fluke," she said.

"He waved, it was definitely exciting."

With a hot tea and fries in hand Park said she could "watch him all day".

Radcliffe, who has been spotted with his girlfriend Erin Darke around town, had previously said he was thrilled to be in New Zealand.

"I am massively excited to be here in Auckland starting filming on Guns Akimbo," he said.

"Jason Lei Howden (The Wolverine) has written a brilliant and delightfully insane script, and working with him as director and alongside the fantastic Samara Weaving to bring it to life is going to be a lot of fun.

"If you see me around Auckland looking very worse for wear and covered in blood and bruises, don't worry, this is probably for filming."

Kiwi producer Tom Hern (The Dark Horse) said: "I'm delighted to be hosting Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving, as well as our German partners, for this exciting co-production between Germany and New Zealand.

Photo / Doug Sherring

"I'm sure they're going to have a ball on the fine shores of Aotearoa!"

This article originally appeared in the NZ Herald and was republished with permission.