Cole Sprouse has a hilarious Instagram account just to catch out unsubtle fans

Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 1:31PM

Cole Sprouse is pretty famous and - as you can imagine - gets recognised everywhere. (It probably doesn't help him that he's a total babe and would stand out in a crowd).

ANYWAY, we imagine being famous can be pretty exhausting. There's the constant stares and probably things like being shouted at or even spoken to when you don't particularly feel like being spoken to. And then, of course there are the photos.

Ohhhhh the photos.

Cole is well aware that people will always be trying to sneakily take photos of him. So, instead of being down about it, he has decided to take the photos right back.

Enter, Instagram account @Camera_duels. Cole takes photos of people trying to take photos of him and uploads them with hilarious captions. It's taught us that people are definitely not as subtle as they think they are. Oh man, it's almost embarrassing how un-subtle they are.


"Eating in public is dangerous when my brother and I are together, mostly because duels are a constant occurrence. Have you ever had a photo taken of you while you were #UvulaDeep in a shake shack burger? No? Well it's #Lovecraftian, and it's something you inherently want to keep out of the private albums of kids with wayyyy too much liberty on #WorldWideWeb.
This was the setting of our present duel. Female Zack and Cody here were trying to pull the ol' "casual selfie" technique, one that frames their target in the background of an otherwise Michelin portrait of one's many chins. I'll admit I always feel a bit guilt ridden when dueling children--it's a tad dubious to take the life of a child for social currency. #ItWillEventuallyBecomeNormalThough. They shot, I shot first. And while her back is turned, I'm sure the mother's maternal instincts had alerted her to her childrens' demise. #cameraduels #LittleDutchChildren #TheHaircutTranscendsGenerationGaps #pattyportraiture"

"I shot first. She looked at me and whimpered, "a-am I gunna end up on your instagram?" I let out a reassuring smile, "not anymore" I said calmingly as I looked the poor girl in the eyes and lied to her soul. Her friends joined me in Recognizing her guilt, they laughed, I laughed, WE laughed. It was a good time, you had to be there. Apparently graduation is not even enough to warrant acting like an adult, but who am I to talk?, I wore depends under my gown. Now that I've graduated people have been asking me "Cole, will you post more now?" To which I always say, "how did you get in my house?" #NYU #Graduation #cameraduels #pleasego"

"Look upon it, do you see? This is the venomous face of mischief incarnate. I've decided to zoom this picture into, what may be, an uncomfortable proximity of this boy's head. It does serve a purpose though, and I wanted you all to plainly see what a duel looks like from a contestant around 16yo. They all do this exact face, and I don't often paint with such a large brush, but Instagram is a place for generalizations.
Lets break it down mechanically. Chin down, eradicated by the skin of the neck. Nostrils flared in an ape-like message of passion. Cheeks bulging with rotten words. Eyes half closed after a session of frantic blinking. And, of course, the smile, that damned thing, illuminating an upper jaw triumphing over its defeat of the lower.
Mania, pure insanity. What scared me the most, however, was how this kid looked like he could've been a younger sibling. How often have I made this face?" 

And OUR FAVOURITE is one recently which features our very own KJ Apa in which Cole debates the fact of whether the girl taking the pic is taking one of him or KJ with the strong point: "eat my ass"

"I should have guessed by the denim bedazzled devil's lettuce ball cap that the wearer wouldn't have the subtlety to pull off a proper camera duel. There, do you see her my fair audience? In the distance, past KJ's moai profile, the girl with the avocado phone case and pestle knuckles, giggling and wiggling like a toddler in a wicker chair and smelling like one of Marley's dreads. "How do you know she was taking a picture of you cole?" "Maybe she was taking a picture of KJ." Hmm, good point, but have you ever considered: eat my ass??? I know for a fact that I'm huge with the aging 420 audience."

You do you, Cole.