Chris Martin pauses Melbourne Coldplay concert for fan proposal; calls wrong woman onstage

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Monday, 12 December 2016, 9:36AM

A love struck Coldplay fan outshone his favourite band's frontman Chris Martin on Friday night by taking centre stage to propose to his girlfriend of three years!

Frontman Chris Martin gave up the spotlight halfway through singing 'A Sky Full of Stars' to allow the man to give an emotional speech to the love of his life in front of a full house at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

But it had a bit of an awkward start when Martin invited the wrong woman up on stage!

After the woman pointed out Martin's mistake, the front man responded with: "You're not the person who is getting proposed to, then what the f... are you doing here? Thanks for coming anyway."

"Does anyone want to get married to this lady? Any takers?"

When the right woman was finally pulled from the crowd, the tearful man took the microphone for the big moment.

The nervous husband-to-be Lonardo Tanno, 31, gripped onto the microphone as he faced the woman of his dreams, Felicia Lie, 26. 

'So for the past three years, thank you for your love,' he said while fighting back tears.

The man listened and bent down to offer a ring to his emotional fiancé beneath a stream of confetti.

The Coldplay star added a touch of comedy to the emotionally charged proposal by telling the future groom not to take too long as 'people have to catch trains and s**t'. 

Watch the moment above!