Check out Justin Bieber's new tattoos he got in NZ!

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017, 10:45AM

Justin Bieber has takne to Instagram to reveal his new ink on the front side of his body: a grizzly bear right below "1975" in Roman numerals on the left side of his chest and a giant eagle between "Son of God" and "Purpose."

If you think you recognise the location of the eagle, it's because you probably do...

Rihanna has a similar tatt in the same location. Her one is a tribute to her grandma via the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Just three weeks ago, Justin showed off a collection of tattoos and we can clearly see his new editions weren't there then!

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Photo: Getty Images

Here's Rihanna's tattoo that it reminds us of! Others seem to think the same...

Either way, go Biebs! Hope you enjoyed your Kiwi tattoo artist!