Blanca Blanco has something to say about THAT Oscars wardrobe malfunction

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017, 3:19PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Along with the announcement blunder at the Oscars yesterday, there was another moment that had everyone talking. 

On the red carpet at the yesterday, it appeared as though American actress Blanca Blanco had suffered a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction.

She made headlines around the world after the thigh-high slit on her yellow gown slipped, leaving viewers thinking she'd gone commando on the carpet.


But last night she was forced to clarify that no, the flesh-toned patch we saw was not part of her anatomy, but rather a nude bodysuit.

"I had a bodysuit on ... like a swimsuit, for some reason the pictures are looking like I have nothing. It was a nude colour, it matches my skin, so I wasn't naked," Blanco told The Daily Mail.

"I didn't think 'I'm going to expose myself at the Oscars', that was not the idea. It was not a strategy or anything.

"Because I had the swimsuit underneath, I didn't even think much of it, but when I was walking forward I grabbed the dress because I realised it was slipping and it was moving up.

"When I was watching the show people were texting me and saying 'You are like everywhere, they are saying you don't have underwear" and I was like 'What? Oh my god, this is so embarrassing'."

Blanco says she respects the film industry and would never think of purposely pulling a stunt at the Academy Awards.

"The Oscars [sic] is very important event and it is my dream to someday be there as a nominee and I respect the Oscars. I would not think of just going naked," she said.

"Two years ago I went to the Oscars and for some reason they didn't like my outfit ... So I was in the Worst Dressed category. I was hoping that this year it would be different."

We're glad Blanca could set the record straight!