Amy Schumer's Joke on the Red Carpet Was Exactly What South Park Recently Mocked Her For

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 12:36PM

Amy Schumer recently hit the red carpet at the Emmys and made a joke about 'what she was wearing' in which she referred to the fact she was currently using a tampon. 

The joke has come with mixed reviews. Some people are loving the fact Amy is open about her body and being a woman, while others have said she has no class and are unsure why she 'always' needs to refer to sex and her vagina in her routines.  

Either way, her joke totally freaked Giuliana Rancic the eff out (lol).

We can’t stop watching Giuliana Rancic freak out about Amy Schumer’s tampon


ANYWAY, Some people who are a little more skeptical of Schumer's humour have pointed out that with her recent joke, she has gone and done exactly what South Park seemingly mocked her for in their most recent episode. What do you think?