Amy Schumer announces her pregnancy, in a rather unusual way

Publish Date
Tuesday, 23 October 2018, 3:03PM

Amy Schumer is expecting her first child with Chris Fischer and announced it in the most Schumer way of course!

How'd she do it? Photoshopping a picture of royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while on their Aussie tour in Queensland swapping their faces with her own and Fischer's. 

The post's caption then led followers away from Schumer's Instagram to find out the news.

"About to announce some exciting news on @jessicayellin insta page. Please follow her for up to the minute #newsnotnoise she breaks down what's really going on. She agreed to post a lil noise today for me! Follow her and VOTE!!"

The good news was then shared through friend Jessica Yellin's Instagram story, by writing "I'm pregnant—Amy Schumer" on a list of her candidate recommendation's for voters for the upcoming midterm elections. 

Schumer has been married to hubby Fischer for seven months.