After two failed TV relationships, could this Married At First Sight star have finally found love?

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 12:42PM
Photo / Nine

Photo / Nine

She failed to find love with TV husbands Jonathan and Andrew, but now Married At First Sight's Cheryl Maitland has revealed her new boyfriend.

The Gold Coast salon worker debuted her romance with handsome Melbourne plumber Dean Gibbs on Instagram.

In a photo, the 25-year-old held a glass of wine and shared a passionate kiss with Dean while they enjoyed a picnic.

A seemingly smitten Cheryl captioned the image, "And then there was you," adding a love heart emoji. 

She also included the hashtag, "Thank god he didn't pull out his guitar", a reference to her disaster date with "ex" Andrew.


Photo / Instagram

In an attempt to impress his TV bride on Married at First Sight, Andrew sang her a song which included the lyrics: "Girl you make me feel like home".

The 38-year-old firefighter also set up a picnic for them on the beach and serenaded her with a song he wrote himself.

But as Andrew played the guitar and sang for his "wife", Cheryl didn't look impressed.

Afterwards, she told him the song was "really cute" and he gave her the piece of paper with the lyrics. 

Photo / Nine

Andrew then tried to kiss her and Cheryl was not pleased, pulling away and firmly stating: "I don't want to kiss you".

Cheryl hasn't been dwelling on her heartbreak since Married At First Sight and has instead been enjoying the Gold Coast's nightlife.

On Friday, Cheryl shared a photo on Instagram while enjoying a date night at a restaurant with busty roommate Raquel Petit. 

Photo / Instagram

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