Meet The Who Man Lives In A Tree Stump And Uses Pinecones To Brush His Teeth

Publish Date
Monday, 11 May 2015, 4:58PM

Once living the same city/ town life as you or me, Mick had just about enough of the stress relating to work and foot complications so packed up and left for the forest.

Making his new home in the forest, Mick left behind his possessions for a simpler life.

He doesn’t wear any shoes, either. Not since 1991. He claims that his feet are his map and help him connect to nature when barefoot. This has earned him the nickname “The Barefoot Sensei”. He also thinks this has helped cure his plantar fasciitis, back pain and hammer toes.

Although he says that he has no interest in moving back to his old lifestyle, Mick admits that he really couldn’t be doing without his clothes.

“The art of living out here is the art of staying dry.”