Little Girl's Make-Up Tutorial Video Goes Viral And Sparks Outrage

Publish Date
Tuesday, 24 March 2015, 3:30PM

The video has gone viral, but not for the reasons one might hope their video does - it's gone viral because parents across the globe are outraged.

At the centre of a debate about this video is the age of little girl Danna Gomez, and whether it's appropriate that she even KNOWS how to apply eyeliner, and explains the techniques to apply makeup so your nose looks slimmer.

There's also a part in there where she talks about how to apply makeup for a romantic celebration like Valentine's Day.

One parent has echoed the voices of many, commenting on the video, "Why can't we let our children be children, why do we have to rush them into being adults before they are ready?"

Someone else wrote that it was the "perfect example of a sexualisation of little innocent children."

Others argue - what's wrong with it?