Here's How You Can Get The Kylie Lip Kit For Half The Price

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Thursday, 12 May 2016, 5:00PM
Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Girls all over the world have been going crazy for the coveted Kylie Lip Kits, and because of the insane popularity they sell out faster than your fingers can type in your credit card number. But thanks to a beauty blogger, it's been revealed that there's a way to get your fix for a fraction of the price.

Beauty blogger Stephanie Nicole, is known for her thorough beauty product reviews, you can actually buy a $6 duplicate that has an almost identical formula to Kylie's $29 lip kit.

Nicole recently posted a second review of Kylie Lip Kit on her YouTube channel and revealed some major news: ColourPop Cosmetic's Ultra Matte Lipsticks and Kylie Lip Kits are pretty much the same thing — identical ingredients and all.

There have been past accusations that Kylie Lip Kits and ColourPop Cosmetics' matte glosses have identical ingredients. But there hasn't been any solid evidence behind the allegations, until now. Nicole decided to do some investigating, and compared the ingredients in the two products. 

She colour-coded the ingredients to break down what's identical about the two formulas:



Everything in yellow is the same ingredient and same order in the formula.

Everything in blue is the same ingredient, but different order in the formula.

Everything in purple is the same pigment, but different order in the formula.

As you can see from the comparisons above, the formulations are extremely similar. 

She also calculated the prices, including the shipping and taxes of each product, and found that if you were to purchase both brands' lip liners and liquid lipsticks, ColourPop would cost you a total of $16.82 ($24.66 NZD), while Kylie's Lip Kits would set you back $40.13 ($58.83 NZD).

"You're cutting corners and you're making a pretty penny off of it and I think that that's just shitty," Nicole said in her tutorial.

I'm going to try & make this my last post about these, & then move on. This is the original lip kit launch, the new formula/packaging & then ColourPop Ultra Matte UPDATED formula. In my opinion, it feels they changed manufacturing. To me, it feels the first batch was made elsewhere, then moved to Spatz. I have zero proof of that. Just my feeling. The only updated ones are the new shades not originally launched in the first 30 shades or so. So again, you can't compare them if it's the original shades, those have not yet been reformulated, according to ColourPop. I put a silver dot on my original, so I didn't confuse them. You can see how much more messy/liquidy the new one is. Again, I should've covered it in the video, besides saying a few times some ingredients are in different order, I had figured since I've covered the order matters in a formula previously, that was known. The first 4 ingredients are the same, same order. That's the bulk of the formula. Then silica is in the same order after. Again, it will SLIGHLTY change the wear, hardly though. Not enough to warrant $16 vs $40, for me anyways, it's clearly your decision. It doesn't change the fact, ColourPop manufactures those same exact ingredients for $6, while turning a profit for their business. So you're not paying for better ingredients, you're paying for the name, like with most brand names. While we hope it's for better quality, it's not always the case. If your "designer" lipstick makes you happy, that's completely cool. You never need a reason to like anything ❤️

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BuzzFeed did even more digging and found that the manufacturer of Kylie's lip kits, Seed Beauty, has both ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics listed on its homepage. Seed Beauty is owned by Laura and John Nelson, who are both the founders of ColourPop Cosmetics. 

Hmmm sounds like your just paying for the label. Not kool Kylie, not kool.