Father & Son Stole $41,000 Worth of Chicken Wings From Restaurant

Publish Date
Thursday, 10 December 2015, 5:18PM

Authorities said a father and son stole more than $40,000 worth of chicken wings from a New York restaurant where they worked and sold them on the street or to other businesses.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office said 56-year-old Paul Rojek and 33-year-old Joshua Rojek, both of Syracuse, were caught stealing wings from the Twin Trees Too Restaurant in Syracuse.

Both the men were employed as cooks when they place numerous chicken wing orders with the restaurant's wholesaler. They then picked them up and sold them at a reduced price.

The men billed about $41,000 worth of wing orders to the restaurant's account.

Both have been charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records.