PJ sings Dave Dobbyn to Peter Burling after panicking during surprise phone call

Publish Date
Tuesday, 11 July 2017, 5:48PM

After PJ had a dream about Team New Zealand's Peter Burling and then foolishly admitted she'd slid into his Instagram DM's this morning, Jase had to take advantage of the situation.

Firstly, Jase sent a not-so-carefully crafted text to Peter's phone, from PJ's phone. Then when Jase (well, PJ) didn't get a reply, Jase decided to take it a step further.

During the show, the TNZ boys were in transit on a domestic NZ flight, so what better time to leave a voice message? 

The original plan was for PJ to 'play-it-cool' with a pocket dial to Peter, where Jase, PJ and Producer Alex would casually talk about Peter and how cool he is, but in the moment, Jase changed the whole plan and what PJ did next was something we never dreamed of.

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