Jase and PJ escalate the Mike Hosking vacuum war by taking it on tour

Publish Date
Friday, 25 November 2016, 9:46AM

A couple of days ago, a war broke out between our Newstalk ZB friends – and it’s all over Mike Hosking’s vacuum cleaner.

Hosking, a known neat freak, has been hoovering his Newstalk ZB radio station on a daily basis following his stint hosting the morning show.

So, of course our stations pranksters had to get involved somehow. Yesterday, PJ ran upstairs to Newstalk ZB and STOLE the Hosk's vacuum cleaner. They then followed up with this ransom video:

But it hasn't taken long for Mike Hosking to respond, and we're not gonna lie - he kinda owned Jase & PJ. 

Taking to his Facebook page this morning, Hosking has fueled the fire. Starting the video with "Hey losers," Hosking made digs at "niche station" ZM and continued to call Jase & PJ losers throughout his rant. Watch his response above!

Hosking also spoke of the 'losers' on his radio show too: 

Hosking likes to think the joke is on Jase & PJ because he has an "endless supply of Dyson's". HAHAHA.

BUT, Jase and PJ have struck again, taking The Hosk's beloved appliance to New Plymouth for their Spafternoon Delight! 

We're not sure when this war will end...

Let's be honest, knowing the jokesters that are Jase and PJ, the war won't stop here...