Would You Buy This House?

Publish Date
Wednesday, 8 July 2015, 11:38AM

A rude name has been blamed for a house's failure to sell for more than three years.

The property, in Southern Sweden, would ordinarily have been snapped up in a hurry thanks to the area's housing shortage.

But could the villages name of Snorrslida - which in Swedish translates to 'penis vagina' be the reason its having trouble selling.

The estate agent in charge of the sale, Henrik Håkansson, says "The house is in a bad condition, the difficulties selling it are not related to the name," 

He added: "It's a very small area with not many customers, but we've sold this house before and we believe we can do it again. It was sold about ten years ago, and back then it was in the same condition as it is today."

So the question is, would the name put you off buying this house?