This Guy Wanted Lana Del Rey Lips But He Got This Instead

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Friday, 30 January 2015, 1:13PM

Remember that guy who had his face completely overhauled to look like Kim Kardashian?! Well this fella wanted lips like Lana Del Rey. Except he didn’t get lips like Lana Del Rey, he got a load of marble-like lumps made of congealed filler instead…

Dean, 24, from Newcastle was desperate to have a pout just like his idol but regretted his decision to dabble with lip fillers right away. He’s desperately hoping a cosmetic practitioner can reverse the damage.

Explaining his regret on tonight’s episode of Bodyshockers, Dean likens his enhanced lips to a ‘bag of peas’.

‘I regretted it pretty much instantly. I looked in the mirror and thought, “What have I done?” he said.

‘Inside I could feel all these hard lumps. When I turn my lip up you can see this tube where all the lumps are situated. They’re dead sensitive as well with salty foods and when I use lip balms they sting really bad.’

Bodyshockers -dean

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