This Abandoned Homeless Dog Thinks He's A Meerkat

Publish Date
Wednesday, 4 February 2015, 3:22PM

A homeless dog has been nicknamed Sergei after entertaining rescue centre staff with his meerkat impression.

Adorable George, a two-year-old Border Terrier, was taken in by the Dogs Trust because his family could no longer care for him.

But, despite his sad story, the friendly animal puts a smile on the face of rescue centre staff by regularly standing on his back legs.

Staff at the centre, in Kenilworth, Warks., who have nicknamed him Sergei after the character in the popular Compare the Market adverts, hope his meerkat-like mannerisms will capture the hearts of visitors.

Helen Barlow, Dogs Trust Kenilworth supporter relations officer, said: "Just like a real meerkat, he is a cheeky, inquisitive, lively little chap who likes to get involved in everything going on around him.

"He is also very sociable and longs to be part of a loving family.

"He is such a character and though he hasn't been with us long, he is already entertaining staff with is antics and we have become very attached to him.