The 2,000 Calorie 'MacDoner' Hybrid Is Two Fast-Food Meals In One Handy Sandwich

Publish Date
Friday, 3 July 2015, 12:46PM

A chip shop owner thinks he's found the solution to the standard conundrum: burger or kebab.

John Clarkson is the man behind the MacDoner, a deep-fried 'treat'.

The 2,000 calorie take-home meal consists of a burger and relish encased in doner kebab meat - and it's all fried in chip shop batter in a deep-fat fryer.

Astonishingly, the resulting gut-busting snack is the recommended daily consumption for women for a whole day - and has up to 16g of salt.

The guideline amount of salt per day is just 6g.

He said: "Faced with the difficult choice of picking a burger or doner kebab for one's guilty pleasure, I decided to create the ultimate fast food treat and put the two together.

''With me running a chippy I thought it would be wrong not to see what it tasted like deep fried. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I think it's delicious. My wife and I tasted it and I think we're on to something.

"I always like to put a chippy spin on whatever I can to go one better than the last. It's fun being able to experiment with ideas so I have no plans on stopping."