Reverse-Praying is the Latest Social Media Trend

Publish Date
Thursday, 3 September 2015, 4:20PM

Are you flexible?

Then you may (or may not, lol) want to get amongst this, the latest social media trend sweeping the net.

'Reverse-praying' started in China, where you upload a pic of you clasping your hands in a 'prayer' position behind your back.

It follows the last viral challenge, also out of China, the 'collarbone challenge', where women attempted to hold a stack of coins in their collarbone.

The true test of the reverse prayer is how close the fingertips are to the neck as the higher the hands are, the more flexible the body is shown to be.

People are clasping mobile phones between their hands too.

One user even went as far as to make a chart demonstrating the success of a "reverse prayer" with a "goddess" seeing the fingertips reach the top of the neck and a "loser" as those who can only raise their arms to the base of their back.

The practice has been slammed by several users, some opposing setting a standard that many would be physically unable to match, leaving them feeling inferior, and others objecting to the term "reverse praying."