Peking Duk's three slogans for enjoying your summer festivals

Publish Date
Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 3:11PM

"They say practice before you preach, but today, we teach," says Peking Duk's Adam Hyde, while speaking to Bel about their tips for enjoying a festival.

The Peking Duk lads Adam and Reuben popped by for a chat with Bel this afternoon, and boy did they deliver on their advice.

No doubt you'll be heading to NZ's greatest festivals this summer, and Peking Duk are definitely no "stranger" to a good festy! (see what we did there...)

The boys shared their biggest hacks for going to a festival which included staying hydrated (something they admit they aren't great at themselves), taking a poncho (because it could totally rain if you're there for 12 hours), and be sure to break away from the group so you can enjoy the tunes!

Plus, take some "outrageous sunglasses" so you look like an "obnoxious person".

Adam also came up with some catchy impromptu slogans, so you won't forget how to have a good time! 

"Put the phones down, LETS CLOWN!"

"Cut the crap, DON'T DO A SNAP!"

"Don't be a stoop, BREAK OUT OF THE GROUP!"

The Australian pair also spoke about their recent success - winning 'Song of the Year' at the ARIA Awards (presented by Lorde), and finding out their song "Stranger" had gone platinum in NZ just 20 minutes before their chat with Bel!

Things also took a strange turn involving animal noises, resulting in Reuben absolutely losing his sh*t at bandmate Adam and proving exactly how down-to-earth they really are.

Cheers lads, see you at Auckland City Limits!