Landlord's Ridiculous List of Rules For Tenant

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015, 3:57PM

When looking at a place to move in to, chances are NO ONE would expect something like this.

Laura Evelyn was handed a list of increasingly bizzare house rules before she even signed a contract.

And they are CRAY.

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Laura said of the landlord: 'He seemed intelligent and friendly. He only gave me the list as I was leaving.

'It made for amusing Tube reading.'

The list seems to have struck a chord with anyone who has lived in a shared house, with many recounting their own experiences with difficult flatmates and landlords.

One Reddit user wrote: 'I once had a roommate who had all these rules and more (ie: no dirty dishes in the dishwasher; that appliance is only to be used as a built-in drying rack for hand-washed dishes), but she failed to communicate them to me in advance. Rather, she left a trail of post-it notes around the house... oh, "no garbage in the garbage bins" was also another great rule.'

Another added: 'One of my exes had a landlord tell her at the end of the walkthrough he'd knock $100 off if she wore either low cut tops or sports bras.'