Extreme Haunted House Borders on Torture

Publish Date
Wednesday, 21 October 2015, 4:05PM

There are haunted houses all over the world - from the ones you see at fun fairs, to Spookers in Auckland - but NOTHING compares to this one.

McKamey Manor, in San Diego in the USA, is described as a real-life horror movie, with a waiting list of 17,000 people dying to step inside.

If you dare to enter, you can expect to be hit, punched, bound, gagged, held against your will and covered in blood, just like an actual horror movie.  The whole experience lasts anywhere from four to six hours and - this is terrifying - you have to go through it ALONE or with just one other person.

So.  Who gets to go?  Well, you've gotta be over 21, you have to sign a waiver before going in AND you get pre-screened for any physical or mental conditions.  But, get this - A LOT OF THE TOURS ARE CUT SHORT DUE TO MEDICAL REASONS.


This sounds effed-up, right?!  The whole thing has been described as "mentally and physically exhausting" and there have been heaps of people  who haven't been able to get through the whole thing.

Check out the video above - it's even more insane than you think.  Bring on Halloween!