19 Things You'll Understand If You Have a Long-Distance Best Mate

Publish Date
Wednesday, 28 January 2015, 8:54AM

1. You quickly realise the universe of free international calling and messaging apps are your lifeline and exist solely for vagabonds like you.

2. It means you wake up to 50+ Whatsapps. Mainly consisting of emojis. And MISS YOUUUUUUUUUUUs. Which will be reciprocated when she goes to sleep, obvs.

3. You've become a mathematical GENIUS with all this time difference figuring-out.

4. But invariably you'll end up Skyping when one of you is eating your cereal and the other is drunk and babbling semi-coherently.

5. You get emosh watching your favourite TV programme, as it's always been tradition to watch it together.

7. You 'like' and comment on all of their Facebook statuses and Instagram posts. Even the reeeeeeally boring ones.

8. You post pics of you both on #TBT and #FBF. Every. Single. Week.

9. You stockpile anecdotes for the next time you talk, but when you finally chat you're so overwhelmed with happiness you forget everything and just talk about boring, day-to-day stuff. But that's OK.

10. It amuses you to send her selfies, just coz.

11. You're forced to socialise with friends you've neglected—who are great, of course, but deep down you know it's just not the same.

12. And you get jealous when other girls pop up in her newsfeed.

13. You find it hard to make major life decisions without them going through the pros and cons with you first. Like, should you wear the bandeau or the halter neck?

14. When she posts pics of visiting the sights in exotic faraway places, you're a little jealous – but mostly thrilled she's living her dreams.

15. You make a thousand mental notes for all the cool things you're going to do together when you're reunited.

16. You've got the countdown app that tracks when you'll be reunited. Only 212 days, 6 hours and 14 minutes to go!

17. You actually talk about the weather. Weird.

18. A few months in and you're in full-on gush mode, dropping the L bomb more times than you'd care to admit.

19. You truly know the meaning of "absence makes the heart grow fonder."