18 millennial problems that are way too #relatable

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 11:56AM

Bel from our Jam Packed Workdays is back with another relatable AF blog post!

It's a tough gig being a millennial huh. Everyone's making out like we're so entitled and hating on us for just living our best lives.

Clearly, they're just jealous, I mean it's not our fault you didn't have all the cool things we do now Susan.

#firstworldproblems are so 2012. Turns out there are a lot of #millennialproblems you probably encounter on the daily:


  • Not being able to come up with a caption for your fire 'gram post

  • Speaking of Instagram, this is where a lot of millennial problems lie. Like trying to choose which photo to post (HARDEST DECISION OF OUR LIVES SOMETIMES 'AMI RIGHT?!)  Or trying to find a cute background for your gram (it's gotta be aesthetically pleasing hon) or when you run out of throwbacks to post. How do I make my life look exciting when I've literally hung out of my trackies and dressing gown eating UberEats the last five weekends straight?! 

  • When you've been too busy (probably spending way too much time scrolling on your phone) to binge the latest weeks worth of 'Love Island' episodes and your workmates keep talking about it and ruining it #spoileralert
  • When you spend all of your money on Instagramable brunches with the gals (smashed avocado on toast and acai bowls, green smoothies and coconut milk lattes for the win) but can't afford to feed yourself for the rest of the week

  • When you can't find an inspirational quote that suits the situation you're going through right now. UGH how am I supposed to express myself if I can't post it on my Instagram story with a couple of cute emojis and gifs?!

  • When you put a facemask on, hair treatment in and lather your body (slash life) in coconut oil, but all of your problems don't disappear UGH annoying! You're meant to fix my life! #rippedoff
  • When you don't have rich parents that can help you buy a house. I mean it's not OUR fault they're literally a million dollars now.  Way to go ruining the economy for us. How cute you own a huge villa mortgage free and have a couple of rentals you charge us $1,000 a week to live in #triggered

  • Seeing everyone's next level travel grams and getting hella jealous because did we mention we're literally living on toast until payday

  • When you want your bedroom and home to look #goals but it's literally brought to you by Kmart 

  • When your life goal is to have a dog but all you've got right now are plant babies

  • When it's one of your best galpals birthdays but you haven't taken any super cute photos together lately, cos I mean if it's someone else's birthday, you HAVE to post photos of yourself right?! 

  • When your favourite place on Ubereats is closed or has run out of what you want to eat #heartbreak

  • When an Eftpos machine doesn't have paywave and you actually have to insert your card or swipe it #yuck I don't have time for this and gross germs

  • When you want to be a strong, independent woman but you still live at home with your parents because you can't afford life 

  • When you haven't paid your overdue phone bill (you went a little crazy buying extra data last month) but of course you managed to buy yourself a new Zara wardrobe, a $500 leather jacket, went overboard in Mecca Maxima and bought a new pair of boots, oh and got your hair and nails done.
  • When your Uber arrives so quickly you have to skull your rosè (never a good idea) because now we're coming in way too hot to da club 

  • When you tag the fuck boy you've stupidly fallen for in a cute meme and he doesn't even respond. DEAD TO ME #neveragain (until you fall for his shit again the next time). If you want to break this BS cycle I went into detail about how to deal fuck boys in my blog post 'Love, Dodging the F Boys (my Mum Tells Me Off For Swearing) and Living Your Best Life'

  • When you run out of money three days before payday and your parents refuse to lend you anymore because you never pay them back and they bring up the fact you've been living the high life wining and dining an awful lot lately and mention all of the new pretty things you've bought.

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