Vaughan's legendary beef short rib recipe

Publish Date
Wednesday, 21 February 2018, 1:05PM

What you'll need: 

- Beef short rib
- Beef rub
- Charcoal BBQ
- Tinfoil
- Thermometer
- Apple Cider Vinegar or beer

Vaughan's instructions:

You’ll need beef short rib. That’s a good start. Buy it and rub some rub on.

Cut some wee skits and rub it in there too. What to rub? Anything really, there’s lot of bbq rubs. I used a NZ rub company called Raptor Rubs, got given it by. The MIL. It’s at Farro. Oooooooh lah lah.

I like to start cooking meat from about room temp. Especially steaks, best advice ever. Get a steak, leave it on the bench (obviously out of direct sun and covered from flies), it cooks better through when it’s closer to room temp. You don’t use heaps of cooking energy to heat it up, that’s just me though. Everyone’s different.

Aaaaaaaanyway, so I preheated my charcoal bbq to about 150c, jammed some thermometers In the meat (to tell us how close we are to the desired 100c internal meat temp) put a tray of water in the bbq under where the meat will go (opposite side to the coals it’s called the indirect method.

You can google that, lotsa ways of doing it.) pop the ribs in above the water pan And leave it. Make sure the bbq doesn’t spike or dip too much and for about 3 hours the ribs will be ready for a wrap. Make a wee tin foil bath (turn up edges) and pop the ribs in. Pour in some liquid, Apple Cider Vinegar is popular, I used some beer, whatever you want) and wrap up right for 2 hours at about the same temp.

When that two hours is up, take them carefully out of the wrap and back onto the grill (still indirect) and for about an hour (or until internal temp is reached) regularly baste them with the bbq sauce of your choice. Lots of it. But keep the bbq covered when you’re not basting.

Then when it’s hit the 100c internal temp take it off. Get it back in the foil, wrap it in a big old towel and put it in the chilly bin for a bit. It’s called the rest. It lets the meat relax and absorb some more juices. Then take it out. Cut it up. Wow your guests or just eat it yourself! Yeow!! Flavors are all up to you too. Lots of ideas on line. Have a look at Rubs, sauces and stuff. Each to their own.