The top 5 signs someone is cheating on you

Publish Date
Thursday, 30 March 2017, 1:43PM

Fletch, Vaughan and Megan caught up with Private Investigator Anna Jeffs who filled them in on the top 5 signs someone is cheating on you. Hopefully you'll never need these...but take note!

5. Protective of their mobile phone and email account

If your partner starts taking their phone with them everywhere, including to the bathroom with them, this could mean they have something to hide. They might suddenly also have passwords on these devices whereas previously they didn't.

4. Change of behavior

They may become more critical towards you or are nicer to you. Anna said sometimes when they are investigating a case, people try to call it off because their partner is being nicer to them but it usually ends up being that this is exactly the time they need to be watched!

3. Blame is put back on the person accusing the other of cheating

Often in cases Jeffs investigates, she finds that it's common for blame being placed back on her client. The person cheating says "why are you asking me this" and makes the other person feel guilty about asking about it. 

2. Change of appearance

Sometimes when someone changes their appearance or makes more effort in their appearance, it's a sign. This could mean going to the gym or wearing different clothes. Technically, it's like they're starting a new relationship and are back in the "honeymoon" phase of another relationship.

1. Not always being available

If they were always available before and you could call them whenever you wanted or you used to to out with them and then suddenly their behaviour changes and they aren't easily contactable or don't respond to you, that could be an issue.