ZM's Secret Sound: What's been guessed

Publish Date
Friday, 9 February 2018, 1:32PM

This is where you'll find what's been guessed for ZM's Secret Sound so far!

Air compressor when it starts
Asthma inhaler
Automated insect spray

Balloon air being released
Bug Zapper
Book pages being flicked through

Camera (disposable) being wound up
Camera shutter
Card Shuffler (Automated)

Cash dispenser on an ATM
Cassette tape being rewound
Cicada Chirp 
Correction tape (twink)
Credit card slotting into EFTPOS machine
Curtain being opened

DJ Record scratch

Egg beater (old school type)
Espresso machine steaming milk

Fabric being torn
Flour Sieve 

Garden Sprinkler 
Gas element of BBQ - turning it on 
Guillotine cutting paper

Hair Clippers
Hairspray can spraying
Hand Ratchet undoing a bolt
Heater timer

Key locking a house door
Knife being sharpened

Label Maker snipping the label off
Lighter being used
Lotto dispensing machine

Magnets colliding
Marbles (in a bag)

Nutmeg being grated

Paper being torn
Pencil sharpener
Perfume being sprayed 
Poker chips being dropped

Receipt being printed
Radio being tuned - old school
Rubberband being pulled over cash

Soft drink can being opened
Soda Stream gas release
Stapler being used

Straw (plastic) being extended

Tape being pulled from a tape dispenser
Tape measurer - retracting
Tattoo gun 
Tire - letting air out of it
Toast popping out of toaster  

Vaccum pipe being extended 
Velcro being detached
Vivid scribbled on cardboard or paper

Water bottle that's almost empty and squirts
Water pistol from Christmas cracker squirting water
Web shooter from Spiderman
Wind up kids toy
Whipped cream can nozzle