Who is the third mystery person that knows the Secret Sound? It's one of these people...

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Friday, 23 February 2018, 3:33PM

There are only three people in the entire world that know what ZM's Secret Sound is. 

They are Soundkeeper Gary, RossBoss and...


On Monday Soundkeeper Gary is going to reveal who that third person is. 

But until then, we are going to fuel the mysterious fire with a list of 5 suspects AND one of them is actually the mystery third soundkeeper!

Suspect #1 - August Smith

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The cheeky three old is daughter to none other than Vaughan Smith. With a mysterious grin always on her face, this wee one could easily hold the secret to the sound...

Suspect #2 - Jeremy Wells

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If we had to choose the sexiest person to keep the sound a secret, it would be him. 

Suspect #3 - Savage 

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His song is the soundtrack to ZM's Secret Sound, so he could easily have even more involvement with the SS.

Suspect #4 - The Right Honourary Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Well we know she kept her pregnancy a secret from the nation for many months, so we could probably trust her to keep her mouth zipped for the Secret Sound...



Suspect #5 - Hilary Barry

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Aunty Hilz is loved and trusted by all. But could she be trusted with the SS?

There's your five options - who do you think it is?