Secret Sound winner Aimee reveals how she won the $50,000

Publish Date
Thursday, 15 February 2018, 12:22PM

It feels like just yesterday that Aimee called Jase & P, correctly identifying the first ever Secret Sound as an Ashtray in a car being pulled in and out!

Aimee revealed to Fletch, Vaughan and Megan at the time, that she planned to buy a car and go on holiday. Aimee sussed herself out with a 'flash mum wagon', and deposited $30,000 into a term deposit for her baby Phoenix to access once she’s 21 (bless!)

But can you believe that was a year ago?! A lot has happened for Aimee since then, so web girl Ellie caught up for chat about how the $50,000 has changed Aimee's life.

Aimee's daughter Phoenix, who was just 9 weeks old when she won last year, has just turned one! Aimee has upgraded her 'flash mum wagon' to a Chrysler, and she's also made some other investments since. 

BUT just because Aimee became $50,000 richer last year, it hasn't stopped her from working hard.

"Just doing the 9 to 5 grind now," speaking of her job at Komatsu in Auckland. 

Ellie then asked whether Aimee is playing the Secret Sound again, to which Aimee promptly replied: "I think I already know what it is!"

Of course, she didn't reveal her guess and claimed she "might have another go."

BUT if Aimee "already knows" the sound, then why isn't she playing yet?!


"I'm just gonna wait and see what other people's guesses are and stuff like that, just like I did last time, and I'll just swoop in at the end and hopefully win it again for the second time in a row."

Aimee recommends using this strategy:

Sit in the wings and keep an eye out, most of the wrong guesses you see or hear around the place, are early on in the game.

Aimee admitted she had joined the Secret Sound private Facebook group, but revealed she wasn't an active participant.

Instead she sat and watched and got "all the wrong answers from the group" so she knew what NOT to guess.

"My advice for anyone playing this year is to hold off on your answer, just keep it to yourself and just play it towards the end."

And you miiiight wanna consider Aimee's advice, because after all, she did win the first ever Secret Sound. 

"Things are definitely looking up for me since winning that cash, for sure."