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Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 10:58AM

Find ZM's Fugitive and win MEGA CASH! 

The ZM Fugitive is on the run, with over $50,000 up for grabs.

Keep ZM loud and listen for clues. Figure out the location, head there and ask everyone "Are you The ZM Fugitive?"

If you ask the right person, you’ll score the bounty. But remember, if you don’t ask – you can’t win.

The ZM Fugitive could be anywhere across New Zealand. If you’re too far from the location, you can still play online! Check out the winners below.


You can only win during the Bounty Hours. They are weekdays from Monday 2nd October – Friday 10th November between these times: 
7.30am – 8.30am


4.30pm -5.30pm

Aaaaand maybe a few other times during weekends as well – keep ZM loud & follow Spark to find out when.

Each day The ZM Fugitive will be on the move and ZM will share the location clues on-air, through social and online, all thanks to Spark.

Hop online to to check out the new Nokia smartphone range and be in to score some extra clues about where The ZM Fugitive is hiding…   

Terms and Conditions

Previous bounty cities:

Monday 2nd Oct

7.30am: Christchurch Central - CAPTURED - $2000
11.30am: Wellington
4:30pm: Wellington

Tuesday 3rd Oct

7.30am: Dunedin
11.30am: Wanaka
4:30pm: Queenstown - CAPTURED - $2000

Wednesday 4th Oct

7.30am: Auckland Central
11.30am: Manukau, Auckland
4:30pm: Wellington Central - CAPTURED - $4000

Thursday 5th Oct

7.30am: Nelson - CAPTURED - $1000
11.30am: Christchurch 
5.30pm: Auckland City - CAPTURED - $1000

Friday 6th Oct

7:30am: Hamilton - CAPTURED - $5000
11.30am: New Plymouth 
4.30pm: Whanganui

Monday 9th Oct 

7:30am: Mt Maunganui, Tauranga 
11:30am: Rotorua
4:30pm: Sylvia Park, Auckland

Tuesday 10th Oct

7:30am: Christchurch
11:30am: Methven
4.30pm: Timaru

Wednesday 11th Oct

7.30am: Fairlie - CAPTURED - $2000
11.30am: Ashburton 
4.30pm: Wellington

Thursday 12th Oct

7.30am: Wellington, Melling Train Station
11.30pm: Palmerston North - CAPTURED - $1500
4.30pm: Hole in One, Taupo - CAPTURED - $2000

Friday 13th Oct

7.30am: Roturua
11.30am: Tauranga - CAPTURED - $2000
4.30pm: Hamilton 

Monday 16th Oct

7.30am: Whangarei
11.30am: Auckland, Ponsonby
4.30pm: Dunedin - CAPTURED - $2500

Tuesday 17th Oct

7.30am: Dunedin
11.30am: Queenstown - CAPTURED - $2000
4.30pm: Wellington - CAPTURED - $4000

Wednesday 18th Oct

7.30am: Porirua
11.30am: Wellington 
4.30pm: Tahunanui, Nelson

These people have taken home $250 after correctly pinning the Fugitive online!

[online winners will be picked and contacted the following day]

Monday 9th Oct
Cara Hall
Hayley Doolan

Tuesday 10th Oct
Amanda Vertongen
Patrick Morris

Wednesday 11th Oct
Kristie Rihia
Jesse Shark

Thursday 12th Oct
Louise Edwards
Annabel Woodley

Friday 13th Oct
Allanah Harrington
Laura Campbell
James Marshall

Monday 16th Oct
Toni Cawsey
Lauren Buys

Tuesday 17th Oct
Naumai Williams
Sarah Scott
Jason May