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How To Break Up With A Friend

Breakups totally suck, especially with a friend. Relationship expert Loni Coombs shares some tips on how to navigate through! 1. First, Think It Over ...

7 Different Kinds Of Pregnant Women

These are the 7 different types of pregnant women - which one are you? 1. The Barely Noticeable There is always one pregnant woman that you wouldn't ...

The 7 Stages Of A Breakup

You’ve got that sinking feeling in your stomach. There’s something wrong and you don’t want to face the truth. The relationship you ...


     I am a mix of Irish/French/English and German..

    I am 177cms tall and when I wear heels I do actually look like a drag queen. I have the best man on earth.

    I love my job, but often I fret that I am not good enough.

    I like to make people feel happy and warm and loved....and challenged.

    Every vice I have given into other than gambling. I am a certainly and addictive personality. Fortunately those addictions INCLUDE work and family ;-)

    I am one of two girls...the baby...but lost my sister to the flu. She was my hero. I miss her so much.

    One day I would like to be the lady who sells toffee apples at the country fair.

    I am happiest on a late summer's day at the beach. I need salt air.

    I have the best job in the world.... But one day I would like to actually do something where I really made a difference.


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