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Breaking Up Loses You Friends

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Going through a breakup is hard enough - but what if it costs you your friends as well as your love interest?

According to a new survey, men and women lose up to eight friends when they end a long-term relationship -- three friends of their ex-partner, three mutual friends and two friends known prior to the relationship!

It probably comes as no surprise that couples - especially those together for an extended period of time -- tend to share friends. The survey found that about two-thirds of individuals reported sharing mutual friends with their ex. Over 50 percent of respondents said that they shared a large social circle with their ex-partner.

Equally unsurprising is the strain that a messy breakup can put on those mutual friends. Over 27 percent of people surveyed said that they had prolonged their floundering romantic relationships out of fear of losing their platonic ones.

And 31 percent said that they regretted their actions during a breakup because of the impact it had on their friendships. Friends can soon get fed up of being caught in the middle, especially if you force them to choose a side.

Thirty-two percent of people said that they left a group of friends because the tension became too much, while 49 percent of people claimed that their shared group of friends pushed them or their ex out actively.

But what about those friendships that existed before a romantic relationship started? Why would people be losing friends who didn’t even have a connection to their exes? It may come down to being “fed up” with the amount of breakup talk that occurs.

Nearly 50 percent of people reported feeling alone while adjusting to their newly single status. 

Some research indicates that breaking up with a friend - no matter the reason - can leave you feeling just as bad as losing a romantic partner!

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